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JHR’s projects explore the ways in which the problems we face in reality are dealt with in the virtualspace. Jung Hyeryun (b.1977, Korea) has been creating material/non-material visual works with aspecial interest in the organic relationship humans develop with their environment. She completed her Ph.D. (2014) in Fine Arts at Pusan National University. Her main solo exhibitions include Treasure island (Rhee Seund Ja Jinju Art Museum, Jinju, 2020), Landscape of -1 (L'H du Siege Art Center, France,2019), and Serial Possibility-planet (HIGURE17-15cas, Japan, 2016). She has also participated in numerous projects and group exhibitions at home and abroad such as the inaugural exhibition of the Museumof Contemporary Art Busan (2018) and Kenpoku Art Triennale (Fukuroda Falls, Japan, 2016). She received the First Soorim Art Award from Soorim Cultural Foundation (2017), was selected as a Young Sculptor of Today by KimChong YungMuseum(2012), and joined residency programs at L'H du Siege (Valenciennes,France, 2018) and Kuandu Museum of Fine Arts (Taiwan, 2013).


JUNG, Hye Ryun 

Selected Solo Exhibition
2023 US2-Migration(Soma museum of art, Seoul  
      The sculpture man could live x US2(ChangwonCity Masan MoonShin Art Museum,Korea)
US2-Live Like Water (Kinosho Gallery, Tokyo)
2022 US crack (Geumsaem Art Museum, Busan)
     The landscape of –1 (Beonwho, Busan)
2021 US2 ( accopany, Busan, Jeju)
2020 Treasure island (Jinju rheesjmuseum Museum of Art,Jinju, Korea)
2019 The landscape of –1(l’h du siege art center, Valenciennes, France)
       (ProjectB6, Busan, Korea)
       (Pyo Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
2018 Artist project Ⅱ, The landscape of –1, (Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Korea)
2017 The landscape of -1(Soorim Art center, Seoul, Korea)
2016 A line of the projection (ProjectB6, Busan, Korea)
       Serial Possibility-planet (Higure17-15cas, Tokyo, Japan)
2015 Serial Possibility-planet (Lotte Avenuel Arthall, Seoul, Korea)
       (Lee and Bae Gallery, Busan, Korea)
       (Kosaartspace, Seoul, Korea)
2014 GLASS BOX ARTSTAR Ver.5 (Bongsan Culturalcenter, Daegu, Korea)
       (Soulartspace, Busan, Korea)
2013 Solo exhibition (Pusan national university Art center, Busan, Korea)
       (Kuandu Museum of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan)
2012 Solo exhibition (Lee and Bae Gallery, Busan, Korea)
       (KIMCHONGYUNG museum, Seoul, Korea)
2011 Fantage of memory (OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea)
2010 Arabesque (Gallery Gowoon, Changwon, Korea)
2009 Arabesque (Space Bandee, Busan, Korea)
2007 Wonderful world (Seo Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
       (Kim's Art Field Museum, Busan, Korea)
2006 The house of hero (Kongkan Gallery, Busan, Korea)
       (Seojong Gallery, Seoul, Korea)
       (Kimjeasun Gallery, Busan, Korea)
2005 Artists of Tomorrow (Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea)
2004 A Bad Tale (Space Bandee, Busan, Korea)
2002 Solo Exhibition (Museum of Pusan National University, Busan, Korea)


2020 Busan Young Artist Award, General Federation of Busan Arts and Culture Organizations, Busan, Korea
2017 The first Soorim Art Award, Soorim Art Cultural Foundation, Seoul, Korea
2014 BOX ARTSTAR Competition, BongsanCulturalcenter, Daegu, Korea
2012 Winning a prize in KIMCHONGYUNG museum, KIMCHONGYUNG museum, Seoul, Korea
2012 Grant from SeMA(Seoul Museum of Art) for New Artist, Seoul, Korea
2011 Young Artist Competition, OCI Museum of Art, Seoul, Korea
2008 Ha Jung-woong Award, Gwangju Metropolitan Art Museum, Gwangju, Korea
2007 The fifth Youth Art Award, Bongseng Cultural Foundation, Busan, Korea
       Seo Youth Artist, Seo Gallery, Seoul, Korea
2005 The Sixteenth Youth Art Award, Kongkan Gallery, Busan, Korea
2004 Artists of Tomorrow Award, Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul, Korea
Winning a Prize in Space Bandee, Space Bandee, Busan, Korea


2022 ACC residence (Asia Culture Center, Gwangju, Korea)
2018 L'H du Siege Grande residence(Valenciennes, France)
2014 soul art space(Busan, Korea)
2013 Kuandu museum of fine arts(Taipei, Taiwan)
2008 Open space bae(Busan, Korea)

Selected Group Exhibition
2024 Biennial InterAction NAPOLI, Made in Cloister, Napoli, Italy 
       The Essence of K-Art: A Journey from Hand to Spirit,InParadiso Art Gallery - Giardini, venice, Italy
2023 Signs of loss(Museum1,Busan,Korea)
2022 Story telling for earthly survival(Asia Culture Center, Gwagju, Korea)
       A-Maze-ing(Wooyang Museum of Contemporary Art, Gyeongju, Korea)
       Technique of healing(Museum1,Busan,Korea)
       The preview artfair spotlight (SFACTORY, Seoul, Korea)
       Art Busan artfair Experiment(Bexco , Busan , Korea)
2021 Wanderers on the boundary(Busan Museum of Art, Busan,Korea)
       Tokyo Tokiwabashi project, Tokiwabashi Tower, Tokyo, Japan
       DMZCulture and Arts Sammaekyeong Re:maker, Goseong Art Hotel, Goseong
       Unconfirmed Manual∶Drawing View point, YANGPYEONG
       ART MUSEUM, Yangpyeong
2020 Neverland-Lightland (Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea)
        SangsangmadangBusan Opening commemorative exhibition (Sangsangmadang Busan, Busan, Korea)
2020 GAP-multimedia literacy (Bongsan Culturalcenter, Daegu, Korea)
2019 A Formula for Imagination (Museum of Contemporary Art Busan, Korea)
2017 Hello! Artist (Seoullo7017, Seoul, Korea)
        Sea Art Festival2017 (Dadaepo Beach, Busan, Korea)
        A memory garden (JAGALMADANG Art Space, Deagu, Korea)
        The clock of time traveler (Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul, Korea)
        GAP (BongsanCulturalcenter, Daegu, Korea)
2016 Kenpoku art 2016 (Fukuroda waterfull, ibaraki, Japan)
        Metropolis of Desire - Visible and invisible (Busan Museum of Art, Busan, Korea)
2015 Semashot :shadowy empire (Seoul Museum of art, seoul)
        Sixth sense (OCI museum, Seoul)
        Blessed land (Yangpyongartmuseum, Yangpyong)
        Restart &Reset (Sengsan art hall, Changwon)
        Fantasy fairy tale (Gallery shinsegae ,Busan)
2014 Changwon Sculpture Biennale (Changwon)
        Radio and Tv, change the world (National Museum of
        Korean Contemporary History, Seoul)
        Teahwa River Eco international Art Festival (Teahwa River, Ulsan)
        Asian liver boat (Art District_P, Busan)
        AIA (Frees Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan)
        APmap (AMOREPACIFIC Museum of Art, Osan)
        Facade Busan 2013 (Busan Museum of Art, Busan)
        Emotional sympathy 2013 (Clayarch Gimhae museum, Gimhae)
2012 Art show, Busan (Bexco,Busan)
        Face to face (KAF museum,Busan)
2011 Beyond Limits (gallery shinsegae,Busan)
2010 Busan biennale -living evolution' (Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan)
        Light 2010 (Gwangju Metropolitan Art Museum, Gwangju)
2009 Dream factory (Ganagartbusan,Busan)
        Thirty-three Korean contemporary Art (H gallery, Seoul)
        ART SHOPPING (Gallery shinsegae, Seoul, Busan)
        Nomad (10.16 robby, PNU, Busan)
        Salon des arts seoul (Atcenter, Seoul)
        Memories (Gallery kimjea sun, Seoul, busan)
2008 Sorry to another waste (Space Bandee, Busan)
        Creative mind (sabina art museum, Seoul)
        Art in busan 2008 (Busan Metropolitan Art Museum, Busan)
        Awardees 1998-2007 (Sungkok Art Museum, Seoul)
2007 SEO +LOVE (Seogallery,Seoul)
2007 InternationINCHEON Women Artist' BIENNALE (Incheon
       Culture&ART Center, Incheon)
       Busan international architecture festival' (Bexco, Busan)
       Take off (Space Bandee,Busan)
       How much (Space bae,Busan)
       Who (Space mindlle,Busan)

public collection

Busan Museum of Art, Busan South Korea 

Museum of Contemporary art Busan, Busan, South Korea

OCI Museum, Seoul, Korea

Sungkok Art Museum of Fine Arts, Seoul, Korea

Kuandu Museum of Arts, Taipei, Taiwan


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